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This Frequently Asked Questions list still continues to grow...As we get questions we feel belong here we will add them as we see appropriate.

Stone Questions

What types of stone are soft?
Answer: I use soapstone and alabaster as my primary media. I do this not only for the ease of carving, but for the wonderful swirls of color which those types of rock provide.

What types of figures do you carve?
Answer: I am compelled to carve the things in my life that inspire and motivate me. So, I carve animals, or human figures, which are a response to what I see and sense in my environment.

Do You work in other media?
: Yes, I have carved in wood, slate, and snow. I currently do not carve in other media. I have created some of my stone sculptures in bronze. I create paper-relief pictures during the winter months. I also create sculptures using WinterStone. I usually do this during the winter months when it is too cold to work outside. Here are some of the other works that Iíve created.

How big are your sculptures?
: I have carved from the very small (palm of your hand) to the very large (somewhere around 125 pounds, if I can get help lifting the stone to my carving bench) I generally carve whatever I can lift comfortably (up to 85 pounds) and plan to carve full scale someday.

What do you do to get the stones that color? 
: The color you see in the sculpture is actually the natural color of the minerals in that rock. There can be a wide variation in color even in the same quarry. I sometimes buff or polish the stone to highlight its natural colors. Sometimes I leave parts of the stone in their natural state (see Red Land Iguana).

Will the color fade?
My stone does not fade, but the bright red stones should not be in direct sunlight. It is not sure if the sun fades them, but I'm concerned enough not to put them in direct sunlight.

Art Shows

Do you display your work in galleries?
Answer: Yes, my work is often displayed in several Mid-Western galleries. Coventry Glassworks 514 West College Avenue, Appleton, is one such gallery (920) 739-5762.

Is you work displayed at Art Shows?
Answer: Yes, my work is often available at several art shows in the Midwest. You may contact me, if you have questions, or would like to know up to the minute show schedules. Please see my contact page for details.

Do you ever teach carving?
Answer:  Yes, I do teach workshops and would be willing to consider more workshops in the future. Some are listed on my art shows page. Once again, contact me.

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